How to Change the MyHR CVS Portal login Password?

MyHR CVS portal by CVS Health provides a personalized online platform for employees to manage their work-related information. As an employee, you need login credentials to access the MyHR CVS portal. For security reasons, periodic changing of your MyHR portal password is recommended. Read on to understand the complete procedure to easily change your MyHR CVS login password.


Importance of Changing MyHR CVS Password

Here are some key reasons for periodically updating your MyHR CVS login password:

  1. Enhanced Security – New strong passwords prevent unauthorized access
  2. Corporate Policy – Resetting passwords as per security guidelines protects company data
  3. Avoid Lockouts – Password change before expiry prevents login denials
  4. Data Privacy – Control access to your confidential work-related information

Thus, periodically changing the MyHR CVS portal password is recommended for improving security and convenience.

Guidelines for New MyHR CVS Passwords

Here are some password guidelines from CVS Health for new passwords on MyHR portal:

  • Minimum 8 characters password length
  • Should contain upper case, lower case, numeric and special symbols
  • Cannot match previously used 5 passwords
  • Unique password for each platform (email, network etc)
  • Avoid easily guessable words or sequences

So use these rules to create complex and difficult-to-crack new passwords for your MyHR CVS account.

Steps to Change MyHR CVS Password

Follow the below simple steps to change existing password for MyHR CVS portal:

  1. Login to MyHR CVS Portal

Enter web address into your browser. Sign in using your current credential for MyHR CVS access.

  1. Click Profile > Change Password

From top menu, click on your username displayed > Select ‘Change Password’ option.

  1. Enter Old Password

Type your existing password correctly in the first field.

  1. Input New Password

Create and enter the new password as per guidelines in the next field.

  1. Retype New Password

Re-enter or confirm exactly the same new password for verification purposes.

  1. Click Submit

Click on ‘Submit’ button to save your new password for MyHR CVS portal.

You will get confirmation that your MyHR CVS portal password has been changed successfully. Next time onwards, utilize the new credentials for login into the portal.

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Reset Forgotten MyHR CVS Password

In case you forget your MyHR CVS password, follow these recovery steps:

  1. Visit Reset Password page

Click ‘Forgot User ID / Password?’ link on the MyHR CVS login screen.

  1. Choose Forget Password Option

Select the ‘Forgot Password’ radio button from options.

  1. Enter Details

Input personal details like name, date of birth, employee ID accurately when prompted.

  1. Select Delivery Channel

Choose to reset password either via registered email or text to mobile number.

  1. Receive Reset Link

Opened the password reset email / SMS received with reset link.

  1. Create New Password

Provide your new desired password meeting complexity criteria given.

  1. Login with New Credentials

You can now access MyHR CVS using newly created password post reset process.

So using the automated password recovery, employees can easily regain access quickly without delays.

Best Practices for MyHR CVS Password Management

Apply these password hygiene practices for more secure use of your MyHR CVS access credentials:

  1. Never share password credentials with others
  2. Change passwords routinely every 45-90 days
  3. Always log out completely from portal after use
  4. Use different complex passwords for different platforms
  5. Store passwords securely using password managers
  6. Set password recovery contact details accurately

These measures allow you to manage portal access prudently avoiding misuse.


The convenience of accessing your workplace information online comes with responsibility of safeguarding login credentials. By updating your MyHR CVS portal password periodically and using responsible practices, you can proactively maintain security. Follow the detailed steps above to effortlessly change old or forgotten password for MyHR CVS in minutes. Practicing good password hygiene principles allows you to reap benefits of online HR platform while avoiding associated risks efficiently.

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