Frequently Asked Questions


MyCVSHR Login portal has been a major help for CVS Pharmacy. It hasn’t only made professional life easy for the employees but also helped the organization manage several things. This login portal is one of the most amazing options for employees to communicate with HR and get access to several benefits.

If you desire to use this portal, you just need to register yourself by following a set of simple steps and then sign in by using the login credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most commonly asked questions about this portal. You might get answers to some questions in your mind too.

How do I register on this portal?

Well, registering on the login portal is not a difficult task at all. You can check out the registration steps explained by us to register yourself on this portal.

Do I need to pay anything to use the MyCVSHR login portal?

No. You can use this login portal without paying anything. It is an employee portal designed by CVS pharmacy for its employees. It is completely free to use.

Is registering on this login portal secure?

Yes. The portal comes with high encryption that validates the fact that this login portal is extremely secure to be used. You can freely use this portal without worrying about anything.

How do I keep my credentials secure?

Make sure that your login credentials are unique and difficult to guess for others. Also, avoid sharing your credentials with anyone. Just keep these things in your mind, and your account will stay completely secure.

We hope that all your questions about the MyCVSHR login portal are now answered. If all your questions are cleared, visit and register yourself on the official MyCVSHR portal now. You won’t regret it, promise!